A laboratory that provides microbiological testing. A test measurement of protein in fish meal products, the toughness, color values of Surimi products. We also provides research and development including a test on canned food products for the SME customers. For example canned Massaman curry meat, Panang curry beef, and beef soup with Chinese medicine

Anusorn Power offers a consulting services about the electricity saving. We are specialized in solar energy which is clean, safe, non polluted and effective. We have both installation and maintenance services for Solar Rooftop. For more informations, please contact.


Foodmania.co is a Website acted as a Market Place for both sellers and buyers. The sellers can sell their products to the online buyers with ease. The buyers also can buy directly from the guaranteed food producers. By providing transportation services, guarantees the quality of the product we hope that we can help both sellers and buyers to get more effectiveness in doing business through our website.

We are a one - stop service of import - export food available - Leave food products and frozen seafood of all kinds. Its focus is primarily on seafood. Our room, storage systems, climate control, precise standards. And a temperature range to choose the most suitable product according to customer requirements and also provides import and export food to the world